Noise Free Capacity calculator

This tool provides the capacity in Bits per second of a noise less channel.



A more generalized version of capacity is given by the Shannon-Hartley formula and this calculator can be used to find the channel capacity given the SNR and Bandwidth. It assumes that noise is Gaussian.

The Nyquist formula below provided a relationship between capacity and bandwidth under idealized conditions where noise is not considered.

C = 2B * Log2(M)        (Nyquist)


  • C is the capacity in bits per second,
  • B is the frequency bandwidth in Hertz,
  • M is the number of levels a single symbol can take on. If M is 8 then the number of bits is Log2(8) = 3

According to the noiseless capacity equation the data rate is proportional to twice the bandwidth and logarithmically proportional to M.  It is considered idealized since practical propagation effects such as fading and noise are not considered.

Example Calculation

If the number of levels is 16 and the bandwidth is 10 MHz, then the capacity in the absence of noise is 80 Mbit/s.

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