AERO – Full Outdoor High-Capacity Microwave

AERO by 3Roam is an outdoor hardware product for the creation of wireless point-to-point links to interconnect IP networks. First 100% outdoor relay and nodal sites. Through our Gigabit Ethernet switch, AERO units …

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Watt to dBm Calculator

This tool converts Watt to dBm. Select either Watt, Milliwatt, Microwatt, Nanowatt or Picowatt as units. dBm to Watt Calculator

Thermal Noise Floor Calculator

Noise Floor Calculator

The tool calculates the thermal noise floor of a radio receiver. Enter the: Temperature in either Kelvin or Celsius Bandwidth Noise Figure in dB Formula Noise FloordBm = 10*Log10(kTB/(1 mW)) …

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Ring RSSI – what does it mean?


In this post, we discuss RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and what it means for a Ring device. What is RSSI? It is the strength of the Wi-Fi signal received …

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