Data Transfer Bandwidth Calculator (with Examples)

This tool calculates the data rate from the total amount of data transferred and the time it takes.


  • Total data transferred with the units bytes, kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabytes
  • Time taken to transfer the data (hours, minutes, seconds)




Data transfer rate or simply data rate [1] is the average number of bits passing through a communication link or channel. It is measured in the following units:

  • bit/s
  • kbit/s (kilobit per second)
  • Mbit/s (Megabit per second)
  • Gbit/s (Gigabit per second)
  • Tbit/s (Terabit per second)

To determine the data rate, a file with a known size can be transferred across the link and the time it takes to complete this transfer is measured. The calculator on this page can be used to compute the rate. This quantity is also known as bandwidth, throughput or bit rate.

Example Calculations

A file that is 1 GB in size takes 60 seconds to transfer. In this case the Data transfer rate is calculated to be 133.33 Mbps. If a larger file is transferred over the same time interval, the transfer rate will be higher.

The calculator was used to benchmark WhatsApp bandwidth. An average of 77.8/2 = 38.9 MB was transferred for a 5 minute video call. Entering these numbers into the calculator above gives a data rate of approximately 1 Mbps.

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