How to Reset a Helium Miner


Many Helium miner owners want to know how to reset their Helium miner. Here are some related frequently asked questions Is it possible to reset a miner to take it …

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Does a Helium Miner Need Wi-Fi?


Yes, a Helium miner needs Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. A miner can also be connected to the Internet using Ethernet. The miner needs a continuous, un-interrupted connection to …

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Can I move my Helium Miner?

Move Helium Miner

Yes you can move your Helium miner at any time. Here are a few things to look out for when you do this. Why move your Miner? There are many …

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How to increase Transmit Scale in Helium?

Increase Helium Transmit Scale

Transmit scale depends on how many other Helium miners populate your Hex. The more the miners, the lower the transmit scale. In cities like Los Angeles for instance where the …

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